Sanctuary Choir 

Music is an important part of our worship and our Sanctuary Choir sings at most Sunday services at the 11:00 a.m.hour. They sing music from a huge variety of genres. All are welcome!

The choir also presents a musical Sunday each year in March.  

              Sanctuary Choir Officers
               Willie Lennon – Minister of Music/Director
               Andra Matthews – President    
               Tammy Hardy - Vice President/Treasurer
               Peggy Hill – Prayer Chaplain

Male Choir

Men have sung together throughout history.   Our men sing the second Sunday of each month. The Male Choir comes together to make music and enjoy the fellowship of others. The choir also presents a musical Saturday each year in November.  

Deacon Robert Cofer – President/Director  Phone:  770-719-1193
Deacon Isaiah Johnson – Vice President

Youth & Young Adult Choir

This group of talented individuals loves to sing uplifting praises to God on the fourth Sunday of each month.  

Deacon Robert Cofer – Director
Melvia Clayton –  Assistant Director
Pamela Wrice –  Assistant

Patricia Ferrell –  Assistant

Youth Praise Team

On the fourth Sunday of each month, the Youth Praise Team stands before the people and minister songs to usher the congregation into the presence of God.   

Eric Wrice - Director

Pamela Wrice - Directress

Bethlehem Baptist Church

"A Spirit Filled Church"

Peachtree City, Georgia


Bethlehem’s musicians are talented, reliable, flexible and dedicated.  Our musicians are here to foster high standards of music in the worship of Almighty God, knowing that their work is creating openings for the Holy Spirit to move in others.

Willie Lennon - Pianist
Bennie Cofer - Guitarist
Dexter Harris -  Percussionist
Derrick Cofer -  Percussionist

Gregory Press - Pianist
Avanti Dyer - Percussionist (Alternate)