Mission Statement:

Bringing the Bethlehem Brotherhood together in order to develop, encourage, equip, and grow our Men of God into committed
Disciples of Jesus Christ!


1. To Establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, and obedience to God’s Word, the Bible.
2. To Exhibit an example of a Loving Strong Male role model in the home, community and the world as ordained by God.
3. To Encourage and support the Spiritual Man in life and marriages.


1. To Give Glory & Honor, Praise & Worship to God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son & the Holy Spirit.

2. To make an impact on the lives of the brotherhood, their families, church, community, workplace & the world.

3. To Increase the fellowship, bonding, love, help and support of the brotherhood.

4. To detect, discover, discuss, and decide to investigate issues that confront us as men.

5. To implement an outreach plan for our young boys and men.

6. To impact the communities in which we live for Christ.

7. To become fully committed to the welfare of the men’s ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church and set a sterling example of a

     true disciple of Christ.

                                                                       Rev. Jesse Wrice – President
                                                                             Phone:  404-379-2033


Peachtree City, Georgia

"A Spirit Filled Church"


"The BETHLEHEM Brotherhood”

Bethlehem Baptist Church