Bethlehem Baptist Church

Peachtree City, Georgia

"A Spirit Filled Church"

Bible Study

Wednesday night bible study class is held from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.  This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of the bible and to share your ideas on various subjects.  It is a great atmosphere in which to feel comfortable.

Adult Sunday School Class

The adult class is taught from 10:00 - 11:00  a.m. from the R. H. Boyd Publishing Sunday School Lesson Series.

Kindership Class

A class that provides activities for children under the age of 11.  This class gives children a place for friendships and fun as they grow in Christ.

Youth Class

Age range varies for this class.  Objectives of class:

1. To enable the children to grow into a relationship of trust and belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior.
2. To lead the children to Jesus Christ.
3. To assist them grow into maturity of their faith in the community of believers. These children are guided to

    become communicant members of the Church.
4. To inculcate into the children the love of God's word.
5. Through the good examples of adult Christians, enable children to relate well with God and with one another.
6. To mold the character and conduct of children to become future leaders of the Church and their communities.
7. To enable the children to develop a sense of belonging.

Sunday School Teachers

Pastor Dwight Elder

Rev. Jesse Wrice

Deacon Michael Graham

Pamela Wrice

Tina Cofer

Susan Reed

Deacon Robert Cofer (Alternate)

Vacation Bible School

The purpose of Vacation Bible School is to provide a scriptural based learning opportunity for the church and to be used as an effective community outreach program.  Put fun in learning!


Susan Reed

Tina Cofer

Pamela Wrice

Deacon Michael Graham

Shanice Robinson