Communion Committee

This group is headed by a chairperson.  The chairperson and the assistant are responsible for the purchase of the sacraments and preparing the sacraments for the communion table.  This committee is also responsible for the cleanup and the cleaning of the cloths.

                                                                           Tammy Hardy - Chairperson
                                                                           Glenda Powell - Assistant

Educational/Scholarship Committee

This committee was organized in 2005 to establish a scholarship to assist high school graduation members in obtaining a college education or trade.  Selection of the individuals to receive financial assistance from the Scholarship Fund is at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee.  The scholarship funds are maintained by the church Treasurer and Board of Deacons.  

Currently, four members make up the committee:  Deacon Emory Moreland, Deacon Isaiah Johnson, Debbie Jones, and Lindsey Cofer.                                         

Building Committee

Organized in 2000, a group of individuals who look after the small and major affairs of the building.  Major repairs will be reviewed during church conferences.  The building committee includes the members of the Deacon Board.                                                                    
Fun Day Committee

A Fun Day organizer is selected to head the committee.  This person will work as the lead person with a group of individuals to plan Fun Day retreats.  Normally this is a church funded event when the total cost of the event is affordable.   When the total cost of the event is not taken care of by the church, the group will suggest various fundraising ideas.  


Special Program Committee

This committee is responsible for getting information/outline to the church secretary in adequate time to mail invitations and create bulletins for upcoming event.  A committee member varies depending on program.

Outreach and Shut-in Committee

The committee is responsible for the delivery of flowers/food/money to Church members in need.  Members should contact the coordinators if they know of someone in need.  The coordinators will bring it to the attention of the Deacon Board.

Debbie Jones


Membership Committee

Responsible for maintaining open communication with those church members that are currently away from the church or not attending on a regular basis.  If you know of a member who is sick and shut-in and in need of prayer, please contact this committee.  This committee also works closely with the Outreach & Shut-in Committee.

                            Derryll Anderson – Phone:  770-241-1602  Email:
                            Carolyn Shropshire – Phone: 770-683-9389
                            Deacon Renwick Hardy –  Phone:  770-374-4033

Audio/Visual Committee

Provides audio and video service for all church worship services and special events where appropriate.  The committee shall also coordinate the proper maintenance and up-keep of the equipment as adequate funds allow.                                                                       
Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery Committees is responsible for maintaining the cemetery grounds and keeping all records of the cemetery plots.   

                            Deacon Robert Cofer                      Phone:  404-414-2249
                            Deacon Emory Moreland                
                            Debbie Jones, Secretary                

Social Media and Technology Ministry

Please provide any information (photos, written articles, awards, ceremonies, etc.) regarding ministry activities to:

Derrick Cofer. Email:

Property Committee

Consists of members of the Deacon Board.  These men are in charge of the total church property, keeping the church informed as to its needs, etc. and works closely with the building committee.   

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