Bethlehem Baptist Church

Peachtree City, Georgia

"A Spirit Filled Church"

​​Church Treasurer:  The treasurer is responsible for the proper receipt, accounting and disbursement of church funds within policies established by the church for adequate financial control.  The experience and background of the person holding this office should give confidence to church members that the financial affairs of the church will be carried on in a fair and trustworthy way.  

                                Deacon Isaiah Johnson - Treasurer

Church Secretary and Assistant Secretary
:  The church secretary serves as administrative assistant to the Pastor and Deacon Board in all functions related to his/her job.  Responsible for compiling and publication of weekly Sunday bulletins and other church-wide publications;  prepares minutes and year-to-date financial reports for Church Conferences; maintains official membership church calendar and related correspondence;  orders office, worship and educational supplies as needed; create baptismal and other certificates; maintain filing system for all church activities and correspondence.  The Assistance Secretary assists the secretary and acts as secretary in his/her absence.

                               Debbie Jones – Secretary 

Pastor’s Assistant:    This person aids the Pastor in the carrying out of his leadership and pastoral duties.  She is proficient in the use of standard office tools:  copy machine, computer, etc. She demonstrates organizational skills, as well as an ability to relate well with a diversity of people.   She is attentive to church calendar.   When requested, she is capable of scheduling the Pastor’s appointment and making copies of his important papers.

                              Olivia Holder-Merez – Assistant

Sunday School Moderator:  The Sunday school moderator ensures the Sunday school class opens with song, prayer and guides the class until the Sunday school teacher is ready to teach. The moderator also closes the class with prayer.

                              Deacon James Strozier - Moderator

Sunday School Secretary: Minutes are kept by the Sunday school secretary, including the balance of the Sunday school collection.

                             Rose Johnson - Secretary

Sunday School Treasurer:  The Sunday school treasurer is responsible for the accounting and deposit of Sunday school funds.  Also responsible for ordering/delivery of the Sunday school books.

                            Tina Cofer - Treasurer
Kitchen Staff:  Consists of a kitchen lead person, servers, cleaners, and a deacon as an adviser.  Responsibilities include planning and supervision of food for all church functions, including but not limited to church dinners and funerals.

                            Gloria Dyer – Lead Person     Phone: 678-933-5604          Email:
                            Deacon Renwick Hardy – Advisor

Custodian:  The Church Custodian has the responsibility for the overall cleanliness of the church and Pastor’s Study.  The custodian ensures adequate supplies are maintained and supplied as needed. 

Groundkeepers:  This person is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church grounds and the church cemetery.