Church History

Bethlehem Baptist Church is the oldest church in Peachtree City, organized in 1867, formerly known as Bethel Baptist Church.  The first meeting was held under a brush arbor. In 1878, James A. Arnold, a white landowner, deeded two acres or more of land to the members. The first church was built where or near where the present church is located in the community formerly known as Clover.

In 1904, Frank Rainey, Anderson Thompson, and Tuck Penson purchased a tract of land one acre wide and two and a half acres long for the sum of $31.25 to be used as a cemetery. This cemetery lies just beyond the railroad tracks that runs through the industrial park.  In 1914, the church was rebuilt and renamed Bethlehem Baptist Church. Also, a school for African-American children, grades 1 - 7, operated on this site until 1954.

We are presently occupying the 1914 white framed structure which has undergone many renovations. 

Thus far, there have only been eight ministers to have served as our leader: Reverend Reese served 2 years; Reverend Scott served 13 years; Reverend F. D. Moore served 35 years. Church went into mourning for one year after Reverend Moore died. Reverend K. G. Thompson served 40 years; Reverend Jessie Stargell served as interim Pastor for 2 years; Reverend C. Griffin served 16 years.  Church went one year without a Pastor. Reverend Grady Lawrence served 26 years. In 1999, Bethlehem elected its first Assistant Pastor, Reverend Dwight E. Elder, who was appointed Pastor in 2003 and is our current pastor.

As a site of historical significance within Peachtree City, in 2005, Bethlehem received a historical marker and Proclamation of Congratulations, presented by the Office of the Mayor of Peachtree City. The Proclamation recognizes and applauds Bethlehem on its many accomplishments since 1867.

On Sunday, February 18th, 2006, Bethlehem held the dedication and unveiling of our engraved bricks which commemorates special occasions and loved ones. These bricks are displayed in a planter surrounding the historical marker at the church front entrance.

Bethlehem Baptist Church

"A Spirit Filled Church"

Peachtree City, Georgia

Our church’s mission is to be a family of Christian believers displaying the unconditional love of Christ, while challenging and enabling each other to grow towards excellence in the Christian life.   To do this, we encourage one another in Worship, Witness and Service, while we reach out to share the blessings we have received.

Mission Statement